Yoga Junkie Progress Report #2

I am almost there with the lease on my premises, I have done a business plan and managed to get a   loan to start up the studio (believe me, if I can do a business plan and succeed in getting a loan then anyone can!!).

Things falling into place nicely, no real mishaps so far. The only thing is the Post office below my studio has now decided to close up and move, well relocate actually. This will leave the ground floor building empty.  I wonder what will be there instead, if anything at all. My main concern is that it will be left empty and become dilapidated and get into a bad state of repair. This may not bode well for a new business situated above.

Then my thoughts are that who knows what it could end up being. It could end up working out better. I really wanted the Post office to stay as it is key to the community and lots of people use it obviously.

I keep checking in with the inner guru! And yes, it still feels right in the heart for me to be there and so I trust that whatever comes will be right, (I hope) there go the doubts!!

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