Yoga Junkie Progress Report #1

Well it has been just over 6 months since I decided to open a yoga studio. October 2016 to be exact. Straight after this idea came to me and I fell upon a premise that would fit perfectly with what I had in mind.

Funny how when something feels right in the heart and you follow the thread that is pulling you, things open up.  Things fall into place and you just keep following the thread.

You have to have complete trust that it will work out and know also that if it doesn’t, because you followed a thread from the heart you were completely meant to experience it.

This is all easier said than done I hear you say!!

If I am honest, I have had doubts and still do, they creep in like a rat scurrying down a drain pipe from the rain.  Things like  Can I really do this, could I really teach, what if it doesn’t succeed, Laura you are kidding yourself, your not experienced enough,  you are leaving a secure job , too much of a risk and so on and  on they go  the doubts and the fear !.  But as long as you don’t let them get embedded and you don’t become embroiled in them, immersed in them, you can detach yourself and it really doesn’t stop you following your heart, your dream.

So, I move forward doubts and all, coupled with trust, stacks of enthusiasm, immense passion and shed loads of energy!

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