Home Practice

Yoga Junkie encourages the commitment to a daily home practice of Hatha Yoga.  Through this you will embark on a journey of self discovery and transformation.

It is recommended that you endeavour to do a daily practice of 20 minutes.

You can of course do more than this which will have immense benefits, especially if you can fit in a practice twice daily.

This does take some dedication and discipline but if you can commit to a regular daily practice the benefits will be well worth it.

I understand however that this simply may not be possible for some of you. Do what you can and move on.

We all have busy lives and these days we all seem to be over committed with life!

Seriously though, if you can manage a 20 minute practice every day then you will soon feel more in control less stressed and you will find yourself managing your life better.

There will be 20 minute practice home videos coming soon.

Sacred Space

Try and find a space within your home that you can make your own. This can be a spare room if you are lucky enough to have one. Or a small corner of a room it doesn’t matter.

You can put a candle or an ornament, some fresh flowers. Light some incense if you wish.  This sets an intention to create a sacred space for your practice. Then all you need is yoga mat and you are ready to go!

Practicing daily in this space, preferably at the same time each day (I know not always possible) will be supremely beneficial.

Please do not be worried if at this time it is not possible to find such a space, do your best to clear an area where your mat can fit and just practice your yoga.