welcome to yoga junkie

Yoga Junkie is a dedicated yoga space for the community in and around Fareham. The centre offers Hatha Yoga classes for anyone who wishes to transform and uplift their lives and the lives of those around them.

Yoga Junkie seeks to create a relaxed informal and nurturing place to learn and practice Yoga.

You don’t need to have any knowledge or experience in Yoga. You don’t need to be a specific weight or size as Hatha Yoga is for everyone.

The centre offers a 6 week beginners course for those new to yoga which once complete you can slot into one of the regular Living Yoga sessions of your choice. Once this is complete you will have all the tools to start  Living Yoga sessions offered in blocks of 10 – See class schedule for more details on this.so why do yoga?

It oxygenates your whole body rejuvenating your organs and cells. It lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow. It tones all the muscles on a deep level. It strengthens the bones and joints, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown. Strengthens your spine and all your core muscles.

It helps with obtaining a better posture. It improves your balance and coordination. It helps back pain. Increases flexibility and mobility. It can assist to alleviate Asthma. It helps balance the nervous system and aids to rid the body of toxins. Helps with migraines relieves tension in the body and mind. Helps alleviate Stress and anxiety. Encourages relaxation. Helps the mind to focus. Helps with circulation and cleanses the lymphatic system. Helps with digestive disorders. Increases energy and vitality. Helps to maintain a balanced metabolism. Improves your athletic performance if you compete in any sports. Builds your immune system to keep illnesses at bay. Makes you sleep better. Increases your self –esteem and boosts your confidence levels. It encourages self worth and self love. It gives you inner strength. It keeps allergies and viruses at bay. It helps you keep drug free. It builds awareness for transformation. Improves relationships. It makes you happier.

So, why wouldn’t you do Yoga?